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Welcome to A Carried Bliss


About Me & My Purpose

Afro-Latina born in Panama, raised in San Diego. 26 years old and I officially started my career and journey as a Full Spectrum Doula in February 2020. I have been in love and intrigued with the whole labor process and parenthood since I was a young girl. In High School I wanted to be that supportive friend during my friend's postpartum because I understood how hard it could be and wanted them to feel well supported; I didn't know I could do this as a career! I've felt I've always been passionate about the pregnant life and all the aspects that follow; I feel I was called to do this birth work. It truly is an honor attending the birth of a baby(s) and the rebirth of the parent(s) giving birth. My plan is to get to know you and your specific needs to give you all the tools and help you to be as comfortable and as confident as possible. Please get in touch to set up an initial consultation. Virtual-only support is welcome as well. If you still don't understand what I do I’m a non-medical trained professional that provides all birthing people with emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. As a Doula, all I want is to be there for you. The first meeting/consultation is a time for us to get to know each other and decide if we want to work together. It is very important that you and your partner are comfortable with me and with my role in your birth. If you or your partner decide that we do not fit well, I encourage you to say so, and I will be happy to refer you to a list of local Doulas with whom you may have a better connection with.


"Patty encapsulated my placenta and helped me get through my third pregnancy which was a lot tougher than my last two and she was AMAZING! She helped me with making my birth plan and my partner Joseph and I were able to have the best birth experience possible under the COVID circumstances."

Jazmin Vasquez


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email me at to book any service or fill out this form! For informal questions or curiosity, message me on Instagram @acarriedbliss.

For immediate placenta work label the message:    "URGENT PLACENTA WORK "

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Located in San Diego, CA

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